Tips on Long Lasting Arrangements

- Water Daily: Make sure all of the stems are submerged.

-Change Water Often: Empty all of the foggy water, and fill with fresh water. Usually every two days.

-Remove Flowers as they die: Gently twist wilted blooms out of vase.

-Keep in cool areas: Arrangements shouldn't be placed in direct sunlight, or near warm electronics.

Tips for the Sender

- Bigger isn't always better when it comes to flowers: A desk-sized arrangement always makes a big impression. (Especially when they come from Posh Petals)

- It's helpful to know what kind of person they are: Do they have a favorite color or favorite flower? Or even least favorite color or flower?

- Pick flowers that will match their unique style: Is their style traditional & simple? Or maybe wild & unique?

- If you aren't sure of the answers to any of these tips, go with designers choice.